Car #1 S. Ogier / J. Ingrassia (Volkswagen Polo R WRC): “We knew it [tyres strategy] was a bit on the limit but we had to try and do something. We are losing some time, but less than what we would have. I am happy with the loop”. [softs tyres on: very worn! front right way better]

Car #9 A. Mikkelsen / A. Jaeger (Volkswagen Polo R WRC): “I did not really have time to change my tyres before this test. Now they are completely gone and I tried to do my best. Wear was higher than expected. We are here and that is a good thing. We run out of time and did not have time to change tyres, I had to use one that was completely gone. That is a shame”. [tyres going off ].

Car #5 M. Ostberg / O. Floene (Ford Fiesta RS WRC): “I tried to manage tyres this morning a bit better than 3 years ago, I could have pushed more but remembering the past I am happy. We made a perfect tyres choice, the strategy is correct and I am quite pleased”. [rear left rubber completely gone… worse seen so far]

Car #3 H. Paddon / J. Kennard (Hyundai New Generation I20 WRC): “The car is not perfect, we found the bolts were bent when we made the repairs”..

Car #4 D. Sordo / M. Marti (Hyundai New Generation I20 WRC): “Very difficult to drive the car. Understeer and oversteer. Incredible. I nearly went a little bit off in the first corner. ”.

Car #2 J.-M. Latvala / M. Anttila (Volkswagen Polo R WRC): “I am happy with the time we did, but it was not easy. Tyres choice was hard but at the end of the day it was the right one. This stage was really slippery much more than expected I was really surprised on that first corner”.

Car #12 O. Tanak / R. Molder (Ford Fiesta RS WRC): “Tyres are all used that’s for sure. This is a very demanding rally for the tyres, we have work to do”. [TYRES COMPLETELY DELAMINATED THE METAL IS SHOWING]

Car #20 T. Neuville / N. Gilsoul (Hyundai New Generation I20 WRC): “Of course there is a lot of road cleaning, which can be an advantage for us. We can be pleased on how the morning went apart from the spin. I am pleased with tyres choice and with the driving”..

Car #6 E. Camilli / B. Veillas (Ford Fiesta RS WRC): “The most important thing is to be able to continue the rally. We wanted to run and to fight, this time is not our rally unfortunately. It is hard to have that on only the second stage. It is like if I only have left wheel drive”.

Car #21 M. Prokop / J. Tomanek (Ford Fiesta RS WRC): “Not so bad but I lost motivation after the Steward’s penalty. It is not easy… you need to find a reason why to push and to race. I try to have some fun and enjoy this is my favourite rally but this time it is really difficult”.

Car #16 H. Solberg / I. Minor (Ford Fiesta RS WRC): “It is very very tough, corners come very fast and it is slippery but it is OK… whenever I have four tyres on the car and I can change gears I go flat out”. [LOOKING QUITE HAPPY]

Car #37 L. Bertelli / S. Scattolin (Ford Fiesta RS WRC): “This morning was OK, we have something broken in the rear drive shaft and also got a puncture. We are managing that. I am not so happy because the feeling was good and we were going well. We also had a problem with the differential on this one”.

Car #18 V. Gorban / V. Korsia (BMW Mini Countryman WRC): “”.

Car #30 Y. Al Rajhi / M. Orr (Ford Fiesta RS WRC): “”.

Car #10 K. Abbring / S. Marshall (Hyundai I20 WRC): “We had to change tyres as they were destroyed. The car has more than 300hp on the fronts but it feels worse than an R2 car. It is not our morning. We cannot get any rhythm in the notes with this problem. But there is a long way to go”. [Prop-shaft broken]

Car #42 N. Fuchs / F. Mussano (Skoda Fabia R5): “Good morning so far. A few mistakes but I think it is OK. I need to push harder in the afternoon. A little crash in the second stage with a little damage, quite scary on Fernando’s side”. [ Tyres look second hand slightly damaged rear dumper]

Car #32 A. Kremer / P. Winklhofer (Skoda Fabia R5): “Really hard, not so good feeling with the car and the tyres sometimes due to conditions sometimes to me. Let’s see what we can do in service park and in the second loop. The rally is still very long”.

Car #34 T. Suninen / M. Markkula (Skoda Fabia R5): “Quite OK, next up service so no problem. Some things to look at”.
Car #41 M. Aasen / V. Engan (Ford Fiesta R5): “It has been really good, there are some tricky parts and you need to be a bit careful sometimes, but I am really enjoying this rally it went OK so far ”.

Car #35 E. Lappi / J. Ferm (Skoda Fabia R5): “It is OK, no issues at all and not so many mistakes. That’s the strategy for today. When you are driving safely it is not enjoyable, and it is difficult to find the rhythm. At the moment it is a bit difficult for me”. [A BIT FRUSTRATED AND NOT OVERLY HAPPY]

Car #47 K. Kruuda / M. Jarveoja (Ford Fiesta R5): “It is pure joy, stages are really nice this year they destroy your tyres but they are great. We are building the feeling. Very happy in the car”.(TYRES DON’T LOOK SO BAD)

Car #43 J. Kopecky / P. Dresler (Skoda Fabia R5): “I do not know when [the puncture] happened, a very slow puncture maybe because of a rock. We drove like this for 6 kms. The rally is still long. The rest of the morning was OK, I tried to save a bit of tyres for this stage but that was obviously wrong”. [FRONT LEFT PUNCTURE VERY LITTLE RUBBER LEFT]

Car #44 U. Scandola / G. D’Amore (Skoda Fabia R5): “Very happy, the feeling with the car is good but we lost 4-5 seconds when we spun in a corner”.

Car #36 Q. Giordano / T. Salva (Peugeot 208 T16): “”. HIT A ROCK AND BROKE THE WHEEL STUCK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD — according to Maurin

Car #39 J. Suarez / C. Carrera (Peugeot 208 T16): “”.

Car #45 J. Maurin / O. Ural (Skoda Fabia R5): “Giordano hit a rock and broke a wheel, he was in the road but he is OK. We had a good feeling this morning, top 5 without too many risks and no punctures so it’s good”.

Car #46 P. Loubet / V. Landais (Citroen DS3 R5): “Not so bad. Did a good time, but we got a penalty [10s] because I was late at the start. Monday was my first time in the car, but so far it is good”.

Car #48 F. Turàn / G. Zsiros (Ford Fiesta R5): (Really hot in the car )“It is quite OK, we have been struggling in the last couple of stages with the pop-off valve. We lost the turbo. No damages and we have good tyres and are still here so we are happy. Getting faster and faster, let’s hope to stay out of troubles in the next loop and show what we can do”.

Car #49 P. Bestard / F. Mendoca (Ford Fiesta R5): “”.

Car #81 F. Della Casa / D. Pozzi (Ford Fiesta RS WRC): “Not so good, we took it easy in the first stage. In stage 2 and 3 we had problems with the engine This stage went a little better, I enjoyed it but we have problems with the engine that we will try and fix in in service park. We have had this problem for a few days”.

Car #40 Q. Gilbert / R. Jamoul (Skoda Fabia R5): “We hit something in the second stage on a right corner, maybe a rock. I had to change the steering arm during the stage, since then did not have power steering. We will try to fix it in service park. Very very difficult to drive in this way. I hope for a better afternoon”.