Car #1 S. Ogier / J. Ingrassia (Volkswagen Polo R WRC): “Much better grip, I had a lot much more fun in this loop. There is a long way to go and I don’t need to make any plans right now, let’s just drive and see”.

Car #9 A. Mikkelsen / A.Jaeger (Volkswagen Polo R WRC): “That is an awful stage, narrow and fast. Really really fun, so easy to make a mistake as well. It is a different rally for us in the front this afternoon”.

Car #5 M. Ostberg / O. Floene (Ford Fiesta RS WRC): “It was OK, pretty much like this morning, only more clean. I am carrying two spares and that does affect the balance of the car”.

Car #3 H. Paddon / J. Kennard (Hyundai New Generation I20 WRC): “It is good. The grip is a lot better this afternoon. My driving feels a lot smoother and under control. The focus of this afternoon is to have a clean drive and stay away of dramas”.

Car #4 D. Sordo / M. Marti (Hyundai New Generation I20 WRC):”Not a great stage. I’m lacking confidence in the fast, narrow places. Really bad pace notes in this stage”.

Car #2 J.-M. Latvala / M. Anttila (Volkswagen Polo R WRC): “It was a good run for us, very very narrow and fast. The car feels good. I will try to get a good feeling and concentrate on driving in the rest of the afternoon”.

Car #12 O. Tanak / R. Molder (Ford Fiesta RS WRC): “It was OK, we will try to survive. That is what we can do. Tyres were destroyed before the previous stage. A lot of work to do”.

Car #20 T. Neuville / N. Gilsoul (Hyundai New Generation I20 WRC): “The fight is on. I did not feel very comfortable in the stage. The balance of the car was better, but I took it a bit steady knowing I would lose a bit of time. We don’t need to win it tonight, but on Sunday”.

Car #6 E. Camilli / B. Veillas (Ford Fiesta RS WRC): “Not very good, something is wrong with the car. When I am on throttle the car pulls to the left. It’s quite strange, there is definitely something wrong. We had a spin”.

Car #21 M. Prokop / J. Tomanek (Ford Fiesta RS WRC): “This afternoon it is better but I do not feel good on this narrow sections, I don’t like this stage. The car is good. Trying to keep positive and enjoy it ”.

Car #16 H. Solberg / I. Minor (Ford Fiesta RS WRC): “The throttle stuck open through the hairpin I had to turn the engine off to stop it. Very scary but now it is working. I lost some time but that is how it is”.

Car #37 L. Bertelli / S. Scattolin (Ford Fiesta RS WRC): “It looks like we fixed the problems. I am happier than this morning. Tricky stage faster than this morning but it was OK”.

Car #10 K. Abbring / S. Marshall (Hyundai I20 WRC): (Rear tyre hot boiling) “A really enjoyable stage. Now the car is accelerating and braking properly. Now we have to find a good rhythm this afternoon so we can be able to drive better tomorrow”.