Car #1 S. Ogier / J. Ingrassia (Volkswagen Polo R WRC): “I did the maximum I could so far I am pleased with my day. I have been fighting with those I could fight with, like Andreas and Mads. There’s not such a gap to them so not too bad. Happy with my performance so far”.

Car #9 A. Mikkelsen / A.Jaeger (Volkswagen Polo R WRC): “It has been a lot of work today, did not get really the loops we wanted. We had more tyre wear than expected. Strategy is still very uncertain. I will get early in bed today and get ready for tomorrow”.

Car #5 M. Ostberg / O. Floene (Ford Fiesta RS WRC): “It does not look like the extra spare tyre was necessary I am struggling keeping the rear on the line. When you are not able to keep the line you lose quite a lot. We are still here, the car is working well and we get good times. I am not surprised”.

Car #4 D. Sordo / M. Marti (Hyundai New Generation I20 WRC): ”I did not have a lot of confidence. Not a bad day, it is very good in the line, but when you go out of the clean line it is very slippery. We will need to make some changes to the car to make the rear more stable. Tomorrow it is going to be very narrow. Times are not that good but the rally is very long and we are here, which is good”.

Car #2 J.-M. Latvala / M. Anttila (Volkswagen Polo R WRC): “There is something wrong in the front, it is understeering… maybe the diff and is getting worse during the day. I cannot get out of the corners quickly enough, the car is really very difficult to drive now. I cannot attack, we really have work to do”. [Shaking his head, not happy]

Car #12 O. Tanak / R. Molder (Ford Fiesta RS WRC):“I have been looking after the tyres. I was in road mode. These stages have been only for notes. The rear right has gone. I will have to drive through not much I can do.” [Strong smell of worn tyres]

Car #20 T. Neuville / N. Gilsoul (Hyundai New Generation I20 WRC): “Everybody is happy to see us back in the front. It increases our confidence. We had a good run this afternoon.Tomorrow will be a different day, I hope we can continue with this rhythm and that it is going to be an interesting fight. We have had a lot of issues this year and the end of last year… it’s well deserved”.

Car #6 E. Camilli / B. Veillas (Ford Fiesta RS WRC): “Encouraging afternoon, we tried to push in this stage but I did a mistake we spun and lost 15s . At the end I wanted to stay on the throttle and I spun on the right on the gravel. Tomorrow will be different, I will try and push ”.

Car #21 M. Prokop / J. Tomanek (Ford Fiesta RS WRC): “We had a couple of good stages, but that’s all. Tomorrow will be a different rally and many things can happen, it can be a proper Sardinia. We will be changing the setup for tomorrow and it should be better”. (Finally smiling)

Car #16 H. Solberg / I. Minor (Ford Fiesta RS WRC): “We solve the problems that we had now it is OK, I drive as fast as I can. Quite a good stage”.

Car #37 L. Bertelli / S. Scattolin (Ford Fiesta RS WRC): “Two punctures in the stage before, one was my fault the other I do not know. We made a small mistake with the setup, but we carry on… it is still a long rally”.

Car #10 K. Abbring / S. Marshall (Hyundai I20 WRC): “This last stage was really fun, we managed quite well to find some traction. We were quite efficient and the rhythm was good maybe we could have been 5 seconds quicker but there was no tyres left. I am looking forward to tomorrow”.

Car #42 N. Fuchs / F. Mussano (Skoda Fabia R5): “I was flat out, I spun in the asphalt section and had to stop and turn around. I think we lost something like 15-20s but I have to look at the data”. [Very worn front tyres]

Car #32 A. Kremer / P. Winklhofer (Skoda Fabia R5):“I had a spin in the first stage but it was much better in the afternoon, everything is OK. We did a lot of changes to the car and so we are going in the right direction”.

Car #34 T. Suninen / M. Markkula (Skoda Fabia R5): “A good day, we found a good speed after the puncture. I think we have a good pace to win the rally. Tomorrow we will be pushing more, but let’s try to get a clean rally”.

Car #41 M. Aasen / V. Engan (Ford Fiesta R5): “The feeling is very good, but we lost some time in a spin in the previous stage. No more drama after that this afternoon. Tyres are working well and we are happy”.

Car #35 E. Lappi / J. Ferm (Skoda Fabia R5): “We sticked to the plan we made before the start. A reasonable day, not great. I do not know for tomorrow, we need to keep our eyes even more open with all those loose rocks”.

Car #47 K. Kruuda / M. Jarveoja (Ford Fiesta R5): “Going back to school I would give this day a strong -3. I am satisfied, but I am not satisfied. We got a puncture on the previous stage and had to stop and change it. Before the puncture we had a good pace it was a good stage but then that screwed the tactics. There still is a long rally to go and more punctures… but hopefully I am done with that”.

Car #43 J. Kopecky / P. Dresler (Skoda Fabia R5): “Not an easy day, but the rally is still very long”.

Car #44 U. Scandola / G. D’Amore (Skoda Fabia R5): “We are very very happy, it is a bit of a surprise for us. The car and the feeling with it are very good. Tyres look good, everything is great”.

Car #45 J. Maurin / O. Ural (Skoda Fabia R5): “It was a good day, before the puncture in the previous stage. I am very disappointed, I had a clean run up to that point”.

Car #46 P. Loubet / V. Landais (Citroen DS3 R5): “A really good day, I am really happy on my driving. Tomorrow is going to be more difficult, it will be important not to get any punctures and if we manage to do that we will get a good result for sure”.